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Installation & maintence.

Tools needed. 

Access to a drill.  6 or 8mm Masonry drill bit. Tube of good quality clear silicone mastic / adhesive.

Installation: (No visible screws)

Before installing your new house sign you will need to decide where you are going to place it before you start drilling and to clean down the area to remove old dust or debris. Drill a single hole into wood, masonry / brickwork to the depth or length of the bolt provided.  Hand screw in the supplied shank into the threaded insert incorporated in the back of the plaque. Apply a generous amount of exterior silicone adhesive ( Not Supplied) to the back, locate the hole you have already drilled, push gently but firmly into position, wipe off any excess. Job done!


Clean down your sign as and when you feel it needs cleaning with, a non abrasive  cloth or sponge with some light soapy water and then rinse off. Buff up when dry with a soft cloth.

Sign istallation.
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